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About the Nicotine Inhaler

A nicotine inhaler, or the nicotine inhalation system, is a mouthpiece and a cartridge that looks much like a plastic, hollow cigarette, into which a nicotine-filled cartridge is placed. A person breathes in nicotine-filled air through the mouthpiece and refills the nicotine cartridge as needed. Nicotine inhalers help with both the physical and psychological aspects of smoking.

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How It Works

When using a nicotine inhaler, you inhale about 30% of the nicotine found in a cigarette without the tar and carbon monoxide. This helps lessen your craving for cigarettes. Cravings are the most important withdrawal symptom because it’s the symptom that keeps most smokers from being able to quit. Since the nicotine inhaler has the same shape as a cigarette, it helps to fulfill a smoker’s need to hold something in their hands while trying to quit.

Common Side Effects

Side effects include mouth and throat irritation from nicotine, but this usually goes away or lessens as people adjust their use of the product. Very little nicotine is carried to the lungs because most is absorbed in the buccal membranes, very much like nicotine gum. 

Success Rate

In two studies conducted with more than 400 heavy smokers, participants who used a nicotine inhaler were more likely to be smoke-free at both six and 12 weeks after quitting than were those using a placebo.

One year later (after not using an inhaler for six months), participants who had used nicotine inhalers were two times more likely to be smoke-free. In one of the studies, 45% of those using the nicotine inhaler were smoke-free after six weeks, compared with 14% of those using the placebo. Similarly, 11% of nicotine inhaler users were smoke-free after one year compared with 5% in the placebo group.

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