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How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

If you’re looking to help a friend or family member quit using tobacco, the first thing is to understand what he or she is going through and how to talk to him or her.

Quitting is a Process

For people who use tobacco, quitting may be the hardest thing they do in their lives. That’s because nicotine is a highly addictive substance that takes hold of the brain and makes it very difficult to quit. For those who quit successfully, it’s a transformation that requires time, dedication and support.

As a supporting friend or family member, it’s important for you to understand that your loved one will only quit when he or she is ready. When he or she does decide to quit, the best possible solution will likely include getting support and using medications together.

Ways to Help Someone You Love

If you express concern for your loved one’s health or the expense of smoking, it can come off as nagging. It’s best to learn how to be encouraging without being pushy.

Here are tips to help:

  • Tell him or her how you feel
  • Be positive when encouraging him or her to quit
  • Offer suggestions and try not to tell him or her what to do
  • Ask what you can do to offer support
  • Call us at 1-800-55-66-222 to request an info packet
  • Call us to get tips on how to talk to your loved one
  • Let him or her know we offer free Quit Coaching and free medication
  • Encourage your loved one to call us or ask his or her doctor for help
  • Remember you can’t do the work for him or her

Quit Smoking Services We Offer

Smoking Cessation Medicines Can Help

People who use medications to help them quit tend to stay quit longer, especially in the early stages of quitting. While there are many options available, we recommend using medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These include smoking cessation drugs like Chantix™, and Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) like nicotine gum.
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Resources for You

Quitters can double their chances of quitting successfully by working with a Quit Coach.  

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